The Flying Circus

Florida 2017  |  For Sale  4748 Southwest 47th Way  Gainesville

A one-acre lot with good shade, drainage and seclusion.  On a dead-end, low-traffic paved street very conveniently close to an I-75 interchange but still outside of the city limits.  Brokers and agents are welcome.  Contact info@clrwtrhs.com


An old double-wide mobile home is on the lot.  If preferred, the home could be renovated rather than removed.  The metal roof is somewhat worn.  But it is still water tight.  To live in the place, most people would require new siding or a least exterior paint.  A couple of the piers need to be reset also.

A thorough cleaning, some new plumbing, drywall patching and paint would be needed as well.  Alternately, someone hardy could live in the place with little or no improvement while building a new structure.  City electricity is connected.  Beyond the electric pole, which was recently installed new, the power feed is buried.

The well pump and pressure tank were also installed new a few years ago.  Water quality is excellent for Florida.  The water line from the well into the trailer needs repair or better yet replacement.  A septic tank is installed and working.  City water and sewer are now available nearby and could be brought in.

Security is good with a strong front gate.  The old fencing is dilapidated but adequate because of the thick trees.  There are watchful neighbors on either side but they are not crowded too close.

Originally, the land was mostly cleared.  For a time it was used as a nursery.  Then it was neglected, became a tangle and was left littered with refuse.  But for approaching ten years now, good progress has been made in returning it to a natural forested state.  New laurel cherry, live oak, sweet gum, magnolia and holly have been planted.  Young oaks are doing well along the street especially.

The area supports some charming wildlife: butterflies, songbirds, owls, whippoorwills, big red-crested woodpeckers, forest hawks and turkeys.  Even a flock of peacocks and an occasional deer.  A few fireflies off and on in the summer.  And a patch of rare wild native Michaux orchids, pictured below.

Recently some construction has been going on in the neighborhood.  One very nice secluded new home has been completed.  Another lot is now ready for construction after demolition of an old structure.  So far, the fine forest character of the area has been preserved.

The price will be negotiated.  The seller cannot hold a mortgage.  A certified survey has been performed.  The title is clear and insured.

Blue Zoo

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Florida 1948   |   The Night Train

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Montana 1977   |   Rudy Autio and Patrick Murphy

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Arne R. Autio                                                                                  Patrick Murphy

[ image to come   Orange Haze March of ’74  ]

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[ image to come   Rudy’s Home October of ’76  ]

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[ image to come   Rudy’s Class April of ’77  ]

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